Roman Ruins of Volubilis in Morocco


So much history at your fingertips!

 For those visiting Morocco and interested in ancient Roman ruins and history,  a visit to the nearby site of Volubilis is a must. The site was first settled in the 3rd century BC by Carthaginian traders. The annexing of Volubilis took place at approximately AD 40 and was one of the most remote outposts of the Roman Empire. Historians estimate that at one point the city housed about 20,000 people.  

When visiting, you are allowed to roam about quite freely or you can hire a guide. For the true enthusiast, a full day there would not be out of the question. If you only want to do a complete walk through, plan for 2 to 3 hours to half a day. There is a small cafe there where you can have tea and snacks and get out of the sun as there is no real shade among the ruins so on a hot sunny day, a hat and bottled water is recommended.   


Getting there...

 Getting there from Moulay Idriss it is about a 45 minute picturesque walk on roads surrounded by local crops. Some people prefer to hire a grand taxi from Moulay Idriss to drop them off and walk back as there are not normally taxis outside Volubilis waiting for fares since the majority of visitors arrive on tour buses. It is also possible to have your host arrange to have you dropped off by a taxi and return to pick you up in a taxi at the front gate at a designated time you both agree on if you prefer.  

 While there are some other Roman ruins in Morocco, Volubilis is the most impressive and complete site reflecting on the history of the Romans in Morocco.   In the photo on your right you can see the town of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun in the backgrounds. 


Ancient art

The mosaics at Volubilis in Morocco are quite remarkable and in rather good shape, offering a glimpse into the art history of the Romans.