Guesthouse Hotel el Kasabah/Kasabah Senhaji Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, Morocco

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Stay in a Guesthouse • Bed and Breakfast in Morocco!


  • Stay in a guesthouse • bed and breakfast in Morocco and experience the culture of Morocco in the historical and charming town of Moulay Idriss Zerhoun. The slower pace of this town in Morocco will allow you to escape the normal hustle and bustle of the other cities you will most likely visit.  Stay in the home of a family within the walls of the Kasbah with several private rooms to choose from including rooms off the rooftop terraces. Each room has a private adjoining bathroom with hot water for bathing and Western style toilet. Your host will meet you at the Meknes train station upon arrival if requested (always be sure to identify to your host which train station you will be arriving at) for a small fee or arrange to park your vehicle within an easy walk to the gates of the Kasbah. You may have as much privacy as you desire or mix in with the family/staff if you want more of a cultural exchange. Ideal location for day trips to Meknes (30 minutes by grand taxi), the Roman ruins of Volubilis (5 minutes by grand taxi) or Fes (1 hour train ride from Meknes).
    Price  and Amenities                                                                         
  • 200.00 Moroccan Dhirhams for each night per adult person. Click here to convert Moroccan Dhirhams to the currency of your country. 
  • The price includes continental breakfast. Children under 17 years of age stay for 100 Moroccan Dhirhams each.
  • Complimentary and dependable Wi-fi connection is available. 
  • 8 private rooms to choose from Each room has private bathroom with hot water for shower and western style toilet .
  • Several Moroccan salons in the home for your relaxation.
  • Traditional home-cooked Moroccan cuisine available on request for modest prices.
  • Four rooms have built-in wall units with air conditioner/heater and there are two portable electric space heaters for other rooms in winter.
  • Your hostess will arrange henna design for the ladies if desired or you may have an opportunity to experience the hammam (Moroccan bathhouse) with your host, hostess or a staff member.
  • There are many easy day trips from this location. Your host will help arrange for dependable drivers with a grand taxi for day trips
  • If you need your host to meet you in Meknes at the train station, the fee is 100 Dhirhams for her to ride back with you. You will be responsible for your modest fee for your place in the taxi. 
  • You may arrange to have your clothing washed, dried and folded for 100 Dhirhams per load. 
  • If you would like traditional Moroccan music entertainment, please let your host know so they may arrange it. The group charges 300 Dhirham per person at the guesthouse taking part in the entertainment for an hour and a half. 
  • Moroccan cooking lesson: Your hostess is happy to teach you to make a traditional dish of your choice if you discuss a time with her. The cost is the normal price of the dish on the menu plus 100 Dhirhams for the lesson. (Please note, during the busiest times of the season, arranging cooking lessons may be more challenging as the kitchen is very busy. )
  • The Bank Populaire is near the entrance to the Kasbah with an ATM machine. 

  • For reservations
  •  Telephone Assia Senhaji at: 0680882910 or 0677991616. When dialing direct from the USA, drop the "0" and add 011212 in front of these numbers. Address: Ou Bab Kasbah No. 32, Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, Morocco 
  • GPS Coordinates: 34º 3' 29" N 5º 31' 20" W
  • Email:

Enjoy authentic home-cooked Moroccan cuisine!

Couscous with caramelized onions, cinnamon & raisins with vegetable and beef.

You may even plan a cooking lesson with your hostess!

Visit Roman ruins!


The guesthouse is only a five minute taxi ride to the historic ruins of Volubilis! Morocco is proud to claim these ancient Roman ruins as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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We hope you will always feel welcome in our home in Morocco. We want to offer you a nice bed and breakfast in our guesthouse. 

Maison D'Hote El Kasaba

Address: Ou Bab Kasbah No. 32, Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, Morocco

Phone: 0677991616


We are always open and welcome your business. If you plan to arrive in the middle of the night, please let us know in advance.